Terapie de relaxare

Terapia Vorbirii

• Initial /l/ words (these have your final /k/ sound too). Do each word x 10, and 2 x per day. Focus on 3 things: Tongue dissociation for the "L", correct placement for the "K", and keeping your tongue down on the vowel and for the "K".
o Lake
o Lick
o Like
o Look

• Initial /t/ in sounds. Do these 10 x each, and 2 x per day. Focus on tongue dissociation (not using your jaw to support your tongue), using your tongue tip, and lowering tongue for the vowel. Correct placement of tongue for the "T" is on the bump right behind teeth, but not touching teeth.
o "Ta" as in "Taught"
o "Tah" as in "Tap"
o "Tuh" as in "Ton"

• Final /k/. Use scratchy, stretchy /k/ sound to bring it forward if the placement is too far back. Try using your audio feedback recorder. Focus on these 20 words.
Group 1
o Back
o Bake
o Bike
o Block
o Book
o Brake
o Brick
o Chalk
o Choke
o Fake

Group 2 (Take a short break before starting)
o Gawk
o Hawk
o Hike
o Hook
o Joke
o Knock
o Make
o Oak
o Pack
o Sack

• Reading aloud—inserting pauses, emphasizing words by syllable 

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